American Whirlpool Hot Tub - 151

The Ultimate Hot Tub Built to last a lifetime

American Whirlpool® features the worlds first Steel frame - Appliance Grade® structure. For the ultimate relaxing and healing experience, American Whirlpool® also features the world's first medically designed jet massage systems called Zone Therapy® . Experience the exclusive features that make your new American Whirlpool® the ultimate hot tub.
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Steel Frame Appliance Grade Structure

AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tubs are the worlds first steel frame Appliance Grade® hot tubs. The steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life. Unlike wood It will never rot, warp, or crack. Stronger, more durable, and ideal for the environment – it’s the reason AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® is the ultimate hot tub. The steel frame and Northern Exposure® Insulation allow for complete service of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Essentially the spa can be serviced to factory specifications right in your backyard, for the lifetime you own it. The hot tub is built to the same service and safety standards as other home appliances.

The Ultimate Massage
Medically Designed Massage

Your AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub features the worlds first Medically designed jetting systems for the ultimate massage. Whether it’s diminishing the stresses of everyday life, relieving stiff muscles or simply helping you get a good night’s sleep – medically designed Zone Therapy® utilizes correctly positioned jets to target pain zone trigger points. Precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action where they are most effective is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body.


AeroMAAX® strategically places air injectors throughout the spa. This gentler massage promotes blood flow and “vacillation,” the awakening of smaller blood vessels through the body. The effect is mild vibration in the spa, to soothe, refresh and heat.

TheraMAAX® Jets

The exclusive TheraMAAX® Jets utilize a scientifically designed grill surrounding the nozzle of the jet to reduces drag and cohesion of the jet stream. The three spoke stainless steel escutcheon makes it easy to adjust the power of the jet

Modern Convenience
Touchscreen Controls

The user-friendly spa controller allows you to change the temperature from the easy-to-read home screen and use the Mode Selection Wheel or Direct Function Selection Wheel to access any other spa features. Messages and reminders will display at the bottom of the screen to keep you up to date on its’ operating condition. 

AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tubs utilize Direct Drive 56 frame pumps in all of their 240 volt models. These are larger, and more powerful motors that eliminates mechanical switches allowing the pumps to run cooler for a longer and more energy efficient life.

Bluetooth Music

State of the art bluetooth technology puts the music at your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use stereo system. Simply sync any bluetooth compatible device and as you slip in to the soothing waters enjoy your favorite artists. Two fully integrated speakers provide crisp clear fidelity for your listening enjoyment. 

When you choose the AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® Sound System, sound will resonate through the water from the powerful subwoofer, which is integrated directly into your spa’s structure. The technology allows you to not only hear, but also feel your music.

Additional Info
Pool Size

Round 12′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′, 32′, Oval 18′ X 12′, 20′ X 12′, 24’ ′ X 12′, 28′ X 12′, 32′ X 12′, 24′ x 16′, 28′ X 16′, 32′ X 16′, 34′ X 18′, 41′ X 21’

Sidewall Size

52″ sidewalls



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Amanda I.

While soaking in the luxurious hot tub from Raindrops of the 4 Corners, I find myself transported to a realm of tranquility and serenity, where each dip becomes a poetic escape from the stresses of everyday life. With its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, it’s more than just a tub—it’s a sanctuary where I can indulge in moments of pure bliss and reflection.

George C.

Every soak in the hot tub I purchased from Raindrops of the 4 Corners feels like an immersive journey into tranquility, with each bubble a verse in a symphony of relaxation. It’s more than just a purchase; it’s a testament to the artistry of craftsmanship, elevating my leisure time to a poetic experience.

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American Whirlpool Hot Tub - 151

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